You’ve Got Someone Between Your Teeth…


Part of my morning’s work on Haine Reaction – now it’s time for lunch…

“Are you going a little crazy there, hoss? Don’t be embarrassed, that happens a lot. You wouldn’t believe some of the mad dog’s shit I’ve heard over the years.

“Tell you what,” Bill continued, “I usually like the first steak to be rare but… and don’t be embarrassed about this, either, I think we’re going to have to have you well-done, don’t you think?”

He wandered back to Joe and picked up the basin beneath him. He swilled the thick bruised blood around for a second, then poured some into the skillet along with the steak. It bubbled black, hissing like a rattlesnake, and Bill smacked his lips.

“Say, did anyone ever tell you, you look like Iggy Pop?”


“I love the Stooges… I am the passenger… and I ride and I ride and I ride…

“Shut up.” Joe said.

“What does that bit mean, later on? See the city’s ripped backside? Bit weird, ain’t it?”

“Just shut up…” Joe said again.

“It does give me an idea though,” grinned Bill. “Does it give you an idea?”

“You piece of shit…”

Bill laughed. “Come on now, don’t be sore. I’m not so bad. You know, I’m only going to eat you till you die. Yeah? That’s fair, ain’t it? I hate eatin’ alone. Course,” and here he smiled even wider, “…you are the sort who seems to have got really good at survivin’…”

And Joe Chocolate screamed and yelled and swore some more, and got himself good and angry, all bent out of shape – although that was something Bill was doing to him pretty well also – and Bill was right, he did survive an awful long time.

And all of it is yours and mine,” sang Bill, “all of it is yours and mine… oh, let’s ride and ride and ride and ride…



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