New Short Story Podcast: Her Fingers, Where You Sleep…

This one’s sweet! And short! If only there was a cliché that could describe that confluence…

This story is the first part of a new chapter, which means that it’s a good jumping-on point for new listeners… All you need to know is that there’s this ditch, right, and while this guy and this dame fill it in, the guy is thinking about the love of his life, the one who got away…

(there might be something really weird in the ditch, but you don’t have to worry about that)

Meanwhile, this story… This story is just the sweetest eighteen-minute podcast short story you’re going to listen to all week, trust me.

Here begins the secret history of Ketaki Eleison, and why she’s so important to Boneditch. It begins with a daughter and her mother in a garden and then becomes a young woman and her lover in a cemetery…

Far away on a deserted island with the person you might love, it’s easy to hear a ghost story and imagine that you are at the end of the world. Who buries the last person left alive?

…to be continued.


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