Read Chapter Three Of Boneditch: Available Now!

Chapter Three of Boneditch, Miss Taken, is available from Amazon for 99p! Kittens, if I were you, I’d buy *two* copies, just to keep the guilt from gnawing at me in the night like fat, hairless, blind rats, with teeth like broken chisels…

Eliot sifted the grave dirt through her fingers while Gavin filled in the ditch. They had both slept all day and were only now getting around to covering up the scene of the crime of the night before.

            Gavin snorted. “I feel like I just dug this ditch… would have been nice to have had Harriet help me to fill it in: planting that creepy sod in the cemetery was her idea…”

            “Well,” said Eliot, “you were the one to give her an impromptu therapy session and send her on to live a happier life away from bones and ditches and the things that creep around them… Anyway, what’s my creepy friend going to tell me about Ketaki Eleison and your friend?”

            He stopped digging. “Her name was Kathryn Eliopoulos, and it was all a very long time ago…”

Eliot Rent is obsessed with the Boneditch, the monster who seduced her parents and left her penniless, lost and alone. In the years since her parents’ sudden death, Eliot has travelled the world, learning more and more about this bizarre infection that transforms people into catastrophes and monsters, growing stronger on mysteries and secrets.

Just recently, Eliot and her friend Gavin, who lost the love of his life to a woman who works for the Boneditch, captured a Rag and Bone Man – an occult vagrant who trades in stories and conspiracies. The Rag and Bone Man has promised to tell Eliot all about Ketaki Eleison – the woman who first dragged Eliot into the ditch…

In this chapter we meet Kathryn, the love of Gavin’s life, who visits a volcano and a graveyard, who solves a business dispute, and who decides whether to live alongside failed saints and grubby devils or become something far, far more impressive…

to be continued…


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