The Mercy Of Flowers – New Podcast Short Story…

“I don’t think he appreciates exactly how prehistoric the insides of me are. It’s not a crib down there, is it?”

Kathryn Eliopoulos is doing well in her career, she’s smart and she’s young and she’s strong, and she has a loving partner with whom to share her joy and excitement and ambition. You’ve met him – Gavin, who now lives alone at the ends of the earth, looking for revenge.

Yes, life is good, but it isn’t life that keeps her blood pumping, is it?

Kathryn thinks she’s looking for an exciting new client for her business, but she’s also looking for sins and answers. So she picked a flower from her mother’s garden, and became something profane and potent. Why work for failed saints and grubby devils, when you can become a monster?

Never miss the chance to pick up a new name…

to be continued…


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