Look! There he is! In the flesh! It’s rarer than you think, to be in the flesh…

Tell me about it. Until those rarefied days of corporeality, we the Fleshless will be making do with electro-booksimiles – lovingly published and carefully curated for Kindle, via Amazon.

Every three weeks -after each gobbet has been podcast– I’m planning to e-publish that three-part chapter online, where lusty and soulful sybarites can download to their aching heart’s content for mere pennies.

To quote one of the greatest philosophers of our degraded age:

It’s better than Real: it’s Pretend!


Chapter Three: Miss Taken

11 July 2017

Eliot Rent and her friend Gavin, who lost the love of his life to a woman who works for the Boneditch, have captured a Rag and Bone Man – an occult vagrant who trades in stories and conspiracies. The Rag and Bone Man has promised to tell Eliot all about Ketaki Eleison – the woman who first dragged Eliot into the ditch…

In this chapter we meet Kathryn, the love of Gavin’s life, who visits a volcano and a graveyard, who solves a business dispute, and who decides whether to live alongside failed saints and grubby devils or become something far, far more impressive…


Chapter Two: How To Live Happily And With Security For The Rest Of Your Very Long Life

7 May 2017

It’s been a catastrophe; but there is still a day after the catastrophe, and then a day after that…

So now we find Eliot Rent searching for answers – she has a plan to get revenge on the Fiend who ruined her life – it involves ketamine, an apocalyptic virus and a mutilated devil… And now It’s the very end of the 31st December 1999 and a horde of multi-millionaire scum have gathered to see in the new millennium and the end of the world… And then finally The Rag and Bone Man has come to the Highlands to trade information with a witch who lives on the beach. He has heard of a strange artefact and wants to learn more, but he might be asking questions that have difficult answers. Waiting for him are three people: one is searching for a lost friend, one is looking for the starfish-headed thrall of an octopus death god from before time and space, and one he never expected to see again…


Chapter One: Insight Lit By Impact Fire

20 March 2017

Eliot Rent and her friends, Michael Breeden and Dov Kittery, will be graduating university next year… unless something impossible happens to them to change them all into mysterious creatures of curiosity and intrigue. The Liar, the Lover and the Orphan: children of the Boneditch…