Chapter 01: Insight Lit By Impact Fire

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Eliot Rent is twenty years-old. She’s a British university student, finding herself in a world of her own, far away from her parents and all the people she thought she’d grow up to be. Her best friend is Dov, an American who is clearly lying to her once out of every three sentences. But he’s sweet and she likes his boyfriend, Michael, who she’s house-sharing and occasionally sleeping with.

She’s not as smart as she thinks she is, but then nobody is and the important thing is that she’s trying.

It’s a shame that it’s starting to seem that trying means nothing, and that the darkness is full to bursting with all the things you feared would be in the dark: fire and monsters and the things they never warned you to be afraid of.


1 – Crash

2 – Bang

3 – Whallop